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Welcome to Wellness
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Welcome to Balanced Life

Colleen has spent years in event and party planning. She knows all the ins and outs of flawless events, but also knows how stressful it can all be. In addition to her party planning services she offers holistic items to help manage all the stress around the important events in your life. 

Our shop is full of items suited to your needs for stress management and self care. They make the perfect supplement to the time and energy you spend planning your special events. If you need party planning assistance or event consultation, we have appointments available virtually to assist you.

Everything is in place for you to have a complete and flawless experience around the events in your life. 

Supplemental items are good for self care year round, we will continue to keep stock for refills or daily use. Our physical products are stocked from the most valued and pure sources and we also have the ability to create custom items as well (can you say girls night out?!).