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Chakra Crystal and Essential Oil Set
Chakra Crystal and Essential Oil Set
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Chakra Crystal and Essential Oil Set

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Balance your mind, body and spirit by aligning your 7 main chakras with our NEW 
roller ball set with essential oils and the coordinating crystals. Our main 7 chakras are like a disc spinning when aligned and you can balance your life working with each one in this kit. They are great for beginners & those with more experience! The goal is to feel better, both emotionally and physically. Combining essential oils and crystals have benefits that will amplify the results of both and are a real powerhouse! Use in your meditation practices, and after your morning shower to start the day mindfully.
Oils and crystals are as following:
-Root chakra- red jasper, essential oils include wood notes as well as citrus 
-Sacral chakra- carnelian, essential oils include clary sage, ylang ylang, wood tones and citrus.
-Solar Plexus chakra- tiger's eye, essential oils include juniper berry, black pepper, wood tones, and notes of floral
-Heart Chakra- green aventurine, essential oils include a combination of floral and wood tones.
-Throat Chakra- amethyst, essential oils include peppermint, blue tansy, rosemary, and a hint of wood tones if I feel you need it.
-Third eye Chakra- sodalite, essential oils grapefruit, peppermint, floral and wood tones.
-Crown chakra- amethyst, essential oils include a blend of holy oils, wood tones, and lemongrass.
1. We place all our stones in our vintage garden to bathe in the full moon. 
2. I work with all organic non-GMO essential oils and fractioned coconut oil for the rollerballs.
3. Each rollerball is filled by hand.
4. We would like our customers to know, instead of filling the bottle with crystals, we do 1/2 so they get more of the essential oil mix. More crystals do not mean better, once you have infused crystals with the oils, that's a powerhouse! 
5. We then place the bottles on a beautiful crystal stand and in the center is a Selenite tower to help amp them all up with love and light.
6. We smudge them for good energy cleanse.
7. I then use my singing bowl as a vibrational tool for a sound bath...more high vibes and love and light intention.
My intention is for our customers to have products that have been handled correctly and that they will look forward to using in their journey from my heart to yours! 
Balancing and understanding your chakras is a vital step to wholeness.