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Planning holiday get-togethers despite Covid restrictions

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Safe holiday gathering despite covid

How do we proceed with our traditions with an epidemic at the doorstep of our lives? I had the desire to address this with the holidays upon us.

With my background in event planning and having a large family of my own, I found that the good news is gatherings can still happen! We need to take more precautions of course but let us look at this as an opportunity, not a road block to our special traditions.

The idea is to make new memories, so first do we need to have less people at our holiday party? That sounds like a more intimate gathering, and this can be
amazing! Make a list of who is coming, sit quietly, make a mental picture of these guests and how they will interact with each other. Set the frame in your mind, you can arrange seating around a table that meets social distancing, but will encourage conversation and hardly be noticeable that you have added a leaf to the table, or 2 end tables for extra length.

Next plan a table scape, candles, fresh flowers that maybe more of a garland effect, this fills that extra space beautifully. Now individualize, think petite! Preset, pre plate all you can. How lovely to sit down to my own little plate and let the conversations flow! Along with your next course, salads to desserts, have a family member assigned to refilling drinks. For the main course, have a buffet style with you as the server, making your guests feel special not awkward.

Since your parties may be smaller, have a few of them! Perhaps have a relative do a dessert venue and make it a moveable feast from one week to another. How about having an al fresco experience in your own yard, twinkle lights, a few cozy throws, seasonal table scrapes, and music to set the mood. This is a great way to get the teenagers involved, they can help serve the items you have plated up and take away the used plates right to the dishwasher.

There are also so many beautiful paper products, that each guest can dispose of their own plates. Because remember YOU are hosting and need the companionship of your friends and family. It about connecting and have great conversations.

Holistic ideas pre and post party:
When planning, use Boost essential oil to focus your mind for all the details, shopping lists, and invitation. Have a theme, use what you already have and give it a twist, holiday cocktails, ugly or most elegant sweater party. You get the idea.

Have a homemade hand sanitizing station at the front door or simply ask guests to wash their hands, providing seasonal paper napkins and a waste basket in your powder room. Homemade sanitizer or hand crafted soaps are much safer for your guests to use and won't leave lingering chemicals/smells on them as they enjoy the party.

Have a few face masks if this makes your guest more comfortable; your party will be less stressful if they feel like they have the option and are able to use it.

Smudge your home before and after your event. Smudging is refreshing the energy in your home. We have a smudge mist and traditional smoke sage items at www.balanced-life.shop. Add a few crystals that will enhance your table scape and lift the positive vibes for your event. Add lemon or Boost essential oils to a diffuser, the aroma can affect your guest in a magical way! Be aware our pets sense of smell is more powerful than ours, be careful with smells.

Take a nice long soak with some bath salts and treat yourself like the grand
hostess you are as you show others, traditions and being together for the holidays can happen in the most beautiful ways!

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